Light Cement Pot KKP 30026

Light cement pot 30026 (GFRC pot) produced by Kim Ky Phat Company are synthesized from many different high-end materials such as High streng cement, Unsaturated Polyresin, Gelcoat, Fiberglass, Talc Powder, Grind Powder … and are surface coated with the most advanced coated absolute durability and wide range of colors for the product.

Advantages of light cement pot 30026 of Kim Ky Phat Company:

  • Products are handcrafted, carefully taken care of every detail by the hands of skilled artisans.
  • Light cement pot are designed and follow the European classic to modern designs and designs that foreign companies are ordering from Kim Ky Phat company to produce.
  • Suitable for all current international interior and exterior designs.
  • Gradually replace pots with today’s old traditional materials.
  • The pots are reinforced with Japanese fiberglass so they are very durable, withstand the force of impact, are difficult to break, and difficult to crack.
  • Very light weight, 50% lighter than traditional pots.
  • The surface is coated with premium coated suitable for all weather conditions from hot sun, wet rain to cold frost..
  • Never fade, no peeling, no blistering, resist UV rays, harmful electromagnetic radiation.
  • Various colors, can be make color black stone, red stone, yellow stone, natural concrete …
  • Especially, we have painted pots according to feng shui requirements and customer preferences.
  • All of our materials are LEAD, of clear origin, safe for our users.
  • Non-conductive, non-heat-absorbing, safe and friendly with the environment.
  • Ensuring the quality and durability of the product over time.
  • Being exported to many countries in Europe and around the world.

Display space of light cement pot 30026:

  • Light cement pot 30026 is suitable for planting decorative plants, fabric flower arrangement, home decoration display according to preferences and feng shui.
  • Pots can be planted plants and flowers for indoor display, front door, garden or outdoor decoration.
  • Use to plant trees in corridors, walkways, halls, balconies, terraces to create beautiful spaces.
  • Suitable for individual customers such as garden villas, villages, townhouses, penhouse …
  • Suitable for corporate customers such as resorts, hotels, restaurants, offices …
  • Use as a gift for a partner, customer, or relative.
  • Currently working as a partner to provide light cement pot for key projects nationwide.
  • Our products are trusted by customers and are available in many countries around the world.

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light cement pot 30026
Light Cement Pot 30026 KKP high quality of Kim Ky Phat.

Delivery policy and warranty for light cement pot 30026:

  • Production and delivery times are based on the quantity, color, and country of purchase.
  • Products are packed in cartons and wooden cases or packed according to requirements.
  • The product is warranted for 1 years due to technical defects and painted surface.
  • After using time you can be repainted with new color as required at low cost.

Company contact information Kim Ky Phat:

  • Kim Ky Phat Service Trading Production Company Limited
  • Representative Office: 310/37/41 Chien Luoc Street ,  Binh Tri Dong A Ward , Binh Tan District , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Hotline: + 84 903 748 948
  • Email:
  • Webiste:–
  • Prestigious manufacturer of light cement pot in Vietnam.
  • Consulting on interior and exterior landscape decoration with light cement pot.
  • Specializes in designing and manufacturing and distributing light cement pot.
  • Update new models regularly according to international trends.

Contact us for advice on light cement pots products via hotline +84 903 748 948


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