Our air is getting more and more polluted day by day due to emissions from factories, greenhouse effect, emissions from vehicles, even CO2 from human respiration. Therefore, growing indoor plant pots is indispensable in today’s life.

But today in life due to too many problems, so there is no time to plant trees in the house and take care of them, but you know it is necessary to have plant pots in the house and the problem you are facing is:

  • You do not know how to take care of bonsai, afraid of them dying.
  • Traditional potted plants do not know how to properly coordinate bonsai.
  • Traditional plant pots have a monotonous design, not suitable for house architecture, not suitable for feng shui, not the color you like, not suitable for size.
  • Traditional plant pots are easy to break, heavy and difficult to move, posing a danger to children in the house.
  • Traditional plant pots with few designs, few colors, easy to crack, easy to fade…
  • Composite plant pots but it is only for export, rarely sold domestically.
  • Buy a composite pot but don’t know what to plant? How to plant? How to mix for beauty?

Understanding the above issues, we set out our mission:


  • We provide high-quality KKP composite pots produced by ourselves, which were previously only for export to foreign countries to Vietnam with the prestigious brand KKP high-class composite pots.
  • In addition, we also provide other composite products to combine interior and exterior decoration and green landscape of your home.
  • KKP staff will guide you how to take care of bonsai, reduce the possibility of dead trees (Fanpage: Kim Ky Phat)
  • KKP has thousands of pots with different sizes and colors. There is a team of consultants to design pots suitable for each decorative space.
  • KKP composite pots are made from high-quality materials, do not mix impurities, do not dilute plastic, so KKP pots do not break like cheap fake composite pots.
  • KKP composite pots do not crack, are not colored like traditional plant pots. The color has UV protection layer, 5-10 years has not faded.
  • Obtained export certificates and health safety for users. (Refer to www.kimkyphat.comwww.luttus.vn)
poly pots
FRP pots (Fiberglass reinfored plastiic).

In addition to understanding the problem of which indoor plant pots are suitable, how to coordinate with pots, we also provide KKP Garden services:

  • Consult bonsai planted in composite pots when you buy pots. (See more in the News section)
  • Provide combo pots with pre-planted plants according to the designs of KKP designed and planted by themselves.
  • Plant samples of your choice in addition to the ones we provide.
  • Nurture the plants at the factory before delivering the combo to the customer so that the tree is always in the best state.
  • Provide a number of high-grade ornamental plants suitable for growing in decorative KKP composite pots.
composite pots
Composite pots KKP in Vietnam.

Benefits from growing indoor plants with KKP composite pots that we provide to you:

Green plants against the greenhouse effect

  • Global warming is the result of excessive greenhouse gas production
  • Due to the increased consumption of fossil fuels and the destruction of tropical forests.
  • Heat from the sun reflected back from the earth gets trapped in the troposphere, causing global temperatures to rise.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major greenhouse gas.

Green plants clean the air

  • Plants absorb odors and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone)
  • Purify the air by holding them and metabolizing them with their leaves and bark.

Trees provide oxygen

  • According to research in a year, a mature tree can provide enough oxygen for 18 people.

Trees create shade to reduce the temperature of your home

  • The average temperature on earth has increased by 3°C in 50 years due to deforestation
  • Due to air pollution from industrial zones and high-rise buildings.

Green plants conserve energy

  • If we plant trees in the house, summer can cut down on the cost of installing air conditioners
  • We will save energy usage up to 50%
  • This is very important while the energy resources on earth are gradually being depleted due to humans.

Trees protect children from ultraviolet rays

  • Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States.
  • Trees reduce UV-B exposure by about 50%.
  • Therefore, indoor plants are intended to protect children where children spend a lot of time living.
plant pots composite
Plant pots composite.