Introduction To Composite Materials And Composite Pots Kim Ky Phat

composite materials kim ky phat

What are composite materials?

So what is composite materials? It is the collective name for any material that is made up of a mixture of separate ingredients before being used to make a particular product. For example: Sand, gravel, cement, water are mixed together and then with reinforcement, solidified into concrete, so concrete is actually a composite form.

The name composite comes from the English word compos (French compose’) which means a compound of many individual components (substances) formed by mixing them just before use. These individual ingredients alone have completely different properties and uses. But if they are combined in a reasonable process, it will give a completely different material with superior mechanical strength properties (concrete is a good example). That is the composite material. In other words, composite is a multi-component material.

composite materials kim ky phat
Composite Products Of Kim Ky Phat Vietnam

Composite has many types, created depending on the composition material, the purpose of use

For example: In ceramic technology, polymer technology…all have materials called composites.

  • Therefore, today, there are many places on the market that sell products called composite, such as composite pots, composite statues, composite tables and chairs… but the price is very cheap because they use cheap materials combined. combined together into products with normal characteristics, not more special than similar products such as plastic, wood, cement … to hit the psychology of customers who do not have a thorough understanding of composite materials.
  • Using quality products can affect the health of consumers.
  • Spending a lot of money but the value is not as expected.
  • Loss of the original aesthetic desired to get the right decorative product.
fiberglass pot composite materials
Applications Of Composite Materials

Introduction of composite materials Kim Ky Phat company with KKP brand:

Our composite product is a thermosetting plastic composite consisting of two main components, polymer and reinforcing fibers, of which we only use glass fiber. Our materials use:

-Polymer: Polyeste, vinylester… high-grade imported from Taiwan.

-Fiberglass: high-grade imported from Japan

-Other substances: promoter (accelator), catalyst (catalyst) with a very small but indispensable weight ratio.

Because of the use of the above-class substances, we bring the best properties of composite materials into the products of our Kim Ky Phat company, in addition to composite pots, there are also polystone pots, decorative statues, decorative items.

  • The product is extremely durable, does not break, does not wear out over time.Resistant to cracking and cracking due to reinforced glass fiber
  • Very light weight. lighter than 70% of common materials such as cement, ceramics…
  • Easy to maintain when in use, no rust of iron, steel…no rot of wood
  • Especially, the coating with 2K paint does not fade, does not swell, withstands all weather conditions.
  • Use in harsh climates such as hot sun, frost without fear of composite pots crackingMaximize the advanced features of composite products.
  • Use over the years without fear of damaged, broken or discolored products to help save costs.
manufacture fiberglass pot
Prestigious Manufacturer Of Composite Pots in Vietnam

Composite pots products of Kim Ky Phat with composite materials:

  • Products are handcrafted, with careful attention to every detail by the hands of skilled artisans.
  • Composite pots are designed and made according to classic and modern European-style models and designs that foreign companies are ordering the company  Kim Ky Phat to produce.
  • Suitable for all interior and exterior decoration designs in Vietnam today.
  • Gradually replace pots with outdated traditional materials today.
  • The pot is reinforced with Japanese fiberglass, so it is very durable, resistant to impact, hard to break, difficult to crack.
  • Very light weight, 70% lighter than traditional pots.
  • The surface is covered with high-grade 2K paint suitable for all weather conditions from hot sun, wet rain to cold frost.
  • Never fade, no peeling, no blistering, resistant to harmful UV rays, electromagnetic radiation.
  • Various colors, can be matte paint, glossy paint, wood imitation paint, stone imitation paint, metal imitation paint, effect paint.
  • In particular, we have painted pots according to feng shui requirements and customer preferences.
  • All of our materials are LEAD free, of clear origin, safe for users.
  • Non-conductive, does not absorb heat, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Ensure product quality and durability over time.
  • Being exported to many countries in Europe and around the world.

Company contact information Kim Ky Phat:

  • Kim Ky Phat Service Trading Production Company Limited
  • Representative Office: 310/37/41 Chien Luoc Street ,  Binh Tri Dong A Ward , Binh Tan District , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Hotline: + 84 903 748 948
  • Email:
  • Webiste:
  • Fanpage: Kim Kỳ Phát

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