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high class composite pots

Today, the interior and exterior decoration in addition to the usual decorative products such as tables and chairs, sofas, beds, cabinets, … the high-end composite potted plants are also indispensable, for the luxury of the house is not You can use ordinary potted products made of ceramic, plastic, wood… because it will reduce the sophistication. Therefore, high-grade composite pots are an indispensable decorative product in the interior and exterior.

Kim Ky Phat Production Trading Service Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing high-class composite plant pots with KKP brand to meet today’s decoration needs.

KKP high class composite pots products with the following advantages:

1-Extremely durable, not broken, not cracked

2-Very light weight, up to 70% lighter than ordinary potted plants

3-Color variety, meeting the needs of decoration to the homeowner’s feng shui

4-Can be used outdoors without worrying about paint fading, or swelling.

5-Ultra modern models are always updated according to European designs.

high class composite pots
Fiberglass pots of Kim Ky Phat – Interior and Exterior Decoration

KKP high-class composite plant pots are suitable for interior and exterior decoration in any place, any project, any space:

For institutional customers, companies: halls, living rooms, meeting rooms, working rooms…

For individual customers: villas, townhouses, as gifts

KKP high-class composite pots are currently being trusted by many customers and are present in hotels, villas, resorts, commercial centers … in the country but also exported to many other countries around the world.

high class composite pots in Vietnam
Top prestigious brand in Vietnam

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Company contact information Kim Ky Phat:

  • Kim Ky Phat Service Trading Production Company Limited
  • Representative Office: 310/37/41 Chien Luoc Street ,  Binh Tri Dong A Ward , Binh Tan District , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Hotline: + 84 903 748 948
  • Email: sales.kimkyphat@gmail.com
  • Webiste: www.kimkyphat.com  www.luttus.vn
  • Fanpage: Kim Kỳ Phát

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