Fertilizer techniques for ornamental plants and flowers.

fertilize ornamental plants

The technique of fertilizing bonsai and ornamental flowers is a very important step in growing plants and taking care of their health. If properly fertilized, the plant will be green and beautiful, flower regularly, and the tree will always be in the best state as the grower needs. On the contrary, the tree will not be as beautiful as the grower.

Growing bonsai must pay attention to many steps, including fertilizing. Fertilize ornamental plants is like a double-edged sword, when we take care of and fertilize properly, the bonsai will be lush, on the contrary, it can cause the bonsai to wilt and die, taking care of and buying the tree.

fertilize ornamental plants
Fertilize ornamental plants with fiberglass pots.

Fertilize ornamental plants and flowers are important in the bottom line:

Fertilize at the right time the plant requires:

  • When the plant is in a state that requires fertilizer to promote further growth.

What fertilizer is needed?

  • When the tree is at any stage, it is necessary to have the right type of fertilizer suitable for the tree.

Apply the correct dose:

  • Need to know how much fertilizer to fertilize, if too little has no effect, too much has the opposite effect.

Notes on fertilize ornamental plants and flowers:

Liquid fertilizer:

  • Liquid fertilizers are the option to quickly improve the yellowing of plants.
  • However, special attention should be paid to the dosage indicated on the package, using less is okay.
  • However, if there are more, the plant not only does not grow well, but it can also develop roots, lose shape, or deteriorate.
  • Apply about 3/4 of the dose indicated on the package.
  • Before watering, it is necessary to moisten and reach the soil, creating conditions for plants to absorb.

Fertilizer ingredients:

  • Fertilizers usually contain 3 basic ingredients, N, P, K, respectively, with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.
  • Nitrogen is needed for branches, leaves,
  • Phosphorus is needed for roots,
  • Potassium is needed for flowers.
  • Depending on the purpose, the user should choose the ratio of the ingredients in the fertilizer accordingly.

Fertilizing season:

  • Pay attention to fertilizing during the seedling growth promotion period.
  • The flowering period should be fertilized with phosphorus to benefit flowering plants.
  • Spring and summer fast growing plants can apply a lot of fertilizer.
  • In autumn, the tree grows slowly, so apply less.
  • In winter, there is no need to fertilize.

Number of times of application:

  • The frequency of fertilization is also an important issue.
  • Should apply many times, but the amount of fertilizer each time should not be much
  • Do not fertilize too much, too thick.
  • The period from spring to autumn in general is 1-2 weeks to apply once.
  • In the deep to establish autumn, apply once every 2-3 weeks, until winter, no need to fertilize.

Fertilization time:

  • Usually fertilize bonsai in the evening.
  • Pay special attention to the hot season, do not fertilize at noon, because the high temperature of the manure can easily cause damage to the roots.
  • In addition, before watering the manure, it is best to dig through the soil in the pot, so that it is beneficial to penetrate deep into the roots.

Some florists have summarized their fertilizer experience as follows:

“4 more, 4 less, 4 no, 3 bad”,

  • “4” moret” is to apply a lot of fertilizer when (1) the plant is yellow and weak, (2) before budding, (3) when flower buds appear, (4) after the flowering season.
  • “4 less” means applying less fertilizer when: (1) healthy plants, (2) budding, (3) blooming flowers, (4) rainy season.
  • “4 no” is not to fertilize when: (1) the tree grows to its full height, (2) when newly planted, (3) the sun is hot, (4) the tree is dormant.
  • The “3 bad” are (1) hydrophobic solid fertilizer, (2) hot fertilizer, avoid fertilizing at noon in the summer when the soil temperature is high, (3) root-sticking fertilizer, avoid when planting, bring flower roots directly. in contact with the bottom of the pot with manure, must isolate a layer of soil.

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fertilize ornamental plants
Fertilize ornamental plants with fiberglass pots.

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