Delivering KKP composite pots to Times Square Saigon.

fiberglass pot in vietnam

Times Square Saigon has trusted and used high quality KKP composite pots with export quality. We delivery composite pots to the place, decorate and display them with decorative flowers to create a luxurious and high-class entrance to the Times Square lobby.

You can consult and buy here KKP composite pots and all products at Kim Ky Phat homepage. We delivery composite pots internationally.

delivery composite pots times square
Delivery composite pots to Times Square Vietnam

Pictures of decorative KKP composite pots at the gate of Dong Khoi street:

Our KKP composite pots with quality differences make up the brand:
-The product uses high-quality composite resin without impurities.
-Reinforced with Japanese fiberglass (Fiberglass) not mixed with stone powder.
-The pot is extremely light, durable, will not break, will not crack in all weather conditions.
-The surface uses high-grade 2K paint to resist fading, blistering, even outdoors.
-Products are warranted for up to 2 years from plastic to paint color.
fiberglass pot in vietnam
Fiberglass pots high class in Vietnam.

Delivery composite pots of Kim Ky Phat at the gate of Nguyen Hue street:

delivery composite pots times square saigon
Manufacture FRP pots and interrior extorier items.
FRP pot high class
Kim Ky Phat is manufacture fiberglass in Vietnam.

To update information news and activities of Kim Ky Phat company, you can refer to Kim Ky Phat FanPage or News section.

Company contact information Kim Ky Phat:

  • Kim Ky Phat Service Trading Production Company Limited
  • Representative Office: 310/37/41 Chien Luoc Street ,  Binh Tri Dong A Ward , Binh Tan District , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Hotline: + 84 903 748 948
  • Email:
  • Webiste:
  • Fanpage: Kim Kỳ Phát
  • Prestigious manufacturer of high-end composite pots in Vietnam.
  • Consulting to decorate interior and exterior landscape with composite pots
  • .Specialized in designing, manufacturing and distributing composite pots.
  • Update new models regularly according to international trends.
  • Advice on planting suitable plants with composite pots according to your preferences when delivering.
  • Get a contractor to plant trees and decorate with composite pots for the project
  • .Design unique potted products according to the size of the project
  • Export contact us via hotline 0903748948

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